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Red Bali


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Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa and/or Kratom.

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Red Bali is a red veined strain from Borneo and Sumatra, but shipped in Bali. This is a great and potent strain.

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1 review for Red Bali

  1. Megan Cummings

    I use this strain for anxiety. I currently don’t have health insurance and am recovering from a year of breast cancer treatment which has brought on a whole slew of physical ailments, including anxiety. I order the powder and do the “toss and wash” method, which I found to be the most effective. I’ve tried different strains and the Red Bali is the best for me.

    • Leo Aceves (verified owner)

      Great to here the Red Bali is working for you. Is there anything you need from us?

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